Educational Path

Its aim is to explain to the visitors some facts and give information strictly connected to the main focus of our event: the PUMPKIN. This lesson has an introduction to the fall season and the cycle of a pumpkin’s life through practical activities, the role of the pumpkin in culture and gastronomy and its use in history. A story will be told with a theme about BULLYING, in order to promote the values of respect, self-discipline, citizenship, compassion, understanding, justice, responsibility, legality and self-esteem. Students will create a small painting to take home as souvenier. Didactic games and experiments will also take place, especially concerning scientific themes, such as biology, the environment and math.
Age: From 4 to 13 years old (last year of kindergarten, elementary and middle school).
Number of Visitors: min. 40, max. 120
Duration: min. 3 hours, max. 4 hours.

School Booking and cost

Booking is necessary In order to guarantee efficient completion of activities.
To book, please send an email to Or call the number 334 7718456.
In an email, please include the following info: name of the school, age and number of participants, number of chaperones, phone number and/or email of the school representative.